Terms And Conditions
  1. There is no guarantee for any fade of colors or damage of print for the garments
  2. We can’t guarantee you the complete removal of stains
  3. In the case of misplacement or damage to the garment, the maximum compensation is limited to 10 times the invoice value of that particular garment, subjected to a maximum of Rs 2000. The garment for which the compensation is made shall be retained by the company.
  4. If not possible for us to examine each and every garment at the time of receiving it. All garments are examined at the time of processing only and any defect detected by us shall be brought to the notice of the customer
  5. All garments are accepted at the customer's risk. We shall not be held responsible for damage to the garments that cannot withstand the normal cleaning process due to the quality and age of the garments
  6. We shall not be held responsible for shrinkage, damage, cuts, holes scratches, strains, etc., becoming apparent during the wash process due to defective manufacture, adulteration, deterioration or wear & tear and exposure to the environment
  7. Every effort is made to deliver the garments on time, however, due to any unforeseen circumstances, if the delivery is delayed, the customer is not entitled to any compensation or reduction in the charges.
  8. The tariff for the designer wear will be decided on a case to case basis depending on the complexity of the garment which will be communicated to the customer on the spot or after it is examined by the experts at the processing unit.
  9. Old & weak garments may tear in the process for which we shall not be responsible
  10. We are not responsible for any damage if there is no information from your end within 7 days after delivery